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PCI-E Riser SU-103D blue 008S

PCI-E Riser SU-103D blue 008S
PCI-E Riser SU-103D blue 008S
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Riser slim, universal, PCI Express 1x-> 16x extender, 50-60cm PCIe 1x port extender with conversion to 16x. Equipped with an additional connector to power the card directly from the power supply and voltage stabilizers / electrolytic capacitors.
Dimensions shown in the picture.
It has all power sockets - to choose from - MOLEX, SATA and 6pin for graphics cards.
Note - You can connect any plug from the power supply, but only one to each riser.
It is not recommended to plug in 2 or 3 plugs at the same time !!!
Risers are equipped with LED diodes.
Graphics cards consume a lot of electricity and computer motherboards are not designed to work with multiple graphics cards at the same time.
In this situation, you should buy a riser that will provide a stable power supply, increase the distance between graphics cards - it will improve ventilation between PCI-E slots, lower the temperature and thus increase the performance of graphics cards.
Riser has a PCI-E 16x female slot, USB 3.0 input and PCI-E power input
The set includes:
- Board with a female PCI-E 16x socket to USB
- Board with PCI-E 1x slot for USB
- USB 3.0 cable 50-60 cm long
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